About the Program

This Meditative Art program is based on the integration of great compositions of visual art and classical music and focuses on the inner state of the artist, in view of the significance of developing strong and meaningful relationships between the future parent and the expected child.

The program is guided by the principles of Art Therapy, recognized for its effectiveness in improving coping skills, mood regulation, stress reduction, decreased anxiety, improvement of quality of life and self-esteem (Uttley L., Scope A., Stevenson M., et al., 2015).

This program was specifically created for the expecting parents or people who are actively trying to conceive and is based on building awareness about the importance of and challenges in adjusting to the emerging role of a parent in the context of creating/evolving strong connections with inner self, within the family unit, and between the family and society.

How the Program is Conducted

The program features an integrated approach to art and self-expression, incorporating various forms of visual art including painting, sculpture, installation, collage and much more.

One of the major emphasis is placed on group work, highlighting the importance of knowledge/experience exchange and peer support.

Participants will also learn the history of different famous composers and artists of all times and develop an understanding of primary concepts of art-making and drawing, as well as learn beginner painting and visual art techniques.

Why meditative art?

In this program, Meditative Art represents a tool to support mental health and wellbeing, by bringing one to the present moment, and practicing self-awareness, attentiveness, peacefulness, and quietness. It is used as a technique to connect to “within” or the “inner true self” in light of evolving life circumstances.

Did you know that current literature supports the use of art therapy for pregnant women? Practicing Art Therapy enables expecting parents to use expressive art for their wellbeing, in the anticipation that this coping mechanism will be carried over to the post-partum period and beyond (Wardi-Zonna, 2017).

The objectives of the program

  • Through the means of meditative art, participants will start building strong and meaningful inner connections with the child and partner, within the family and outside of the family, with the goal of embracing these relationships on a deeper level after the birth of the baby and for years to come.
  • Participants will develop/enhance self-awareness, attentiveness, peacefulness, and quietness.
  • The facilitators of the program will enable a peer-building and collaborative environment, where participants will support each other during their journey through pregnancy within and outside of the program, as well as after the completion of the program.
  • Participants will experience the realization of their inner creative potential through participation in this program.
  • With the means of meditative art therapy and group/peer support, expecting parents will develop strong stress coping and mood regulation skills, which will help them to become parents they always wanted to be.

Your Facilitators’ Info

This unique program was created by a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about mothers’ and babies’ health in our diverse communities. With a mission to promote healthy relationships for parents and their children from the conception stage, a trained artist, registered nurse, registered early childhood educator, and social services and childcare provider joined in the efforts to create a program which is aimed to facilitate happy, responsive and fulfilling connection within the family. The uniqueness of the program lies in its multi-dimensional perspective on family, maternal, and child health and welling. Uniting the knowledge of art therapy, parental and infant mental health promotion, child development, and community services, this program creates a holistic approach to joyful parenting.

“Because everyone deserves to Love & to be Loved while achieving their highest potential”

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