is a unique healing and developmental program based on the best of classical music for children in different age groups.”

This program will help to:

  • achieve much higher school engagement and performance in all subjects
  • learn higher-level skills like creativity and problem solving
  • improve communication abilities and social cohesion
  • connect with inner-self to restore unity with others

Early childhood is the most effective and impactful time to begin music education. Hence, by the time children reach youth, they have already honed skills such as teamwork, empathy, problem solving, management of anger and anxiety and many other vital abilities. These skills are important for preparing a child for adult life.

The energy of classical music has an ability to raise our energy, expand our awareness, improve the immune system, and heal the human being by bringing joy and happiness to our lives. Beautiful, harmonious music helps to improve, balance and heal people not only on the physical level, but on the emotional, mental and spiritual level.

We offer variety of Classical Music Programs for different age groups:

  • Developmental Music Therapy Program for Babies & Toddlers
Developmental Music Therapy Program for Babies & Toddlers

This 10-week unique developmental music therapy program for babies and toddlers focuses on the healing influence of music and empowering baby’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development while having fun through various musical activities.

This program is specifically designed to:

  • promote health and well-being in a supportive musical environment
  • develop baby’s and toddler’s gross and fine motor coordination
  • foster self-awareness, social skills, language, and memory
  • expose and explore the live sound of different musical instruments such as piano, guitar, drums, bells, the singing bowl, and more

There are three groups offered for different ages: 12-24 months, 2-3 years, 3-4 years

This is a chance to nurture your baby and help them grow to become healthy, bright, and successful through the power of music!

  • Innovative Music Therapy Program for Children’s Wellbeing & Personal Growth
Innovative Music Therapy Program for Children’s Wellbeing & Personal Growth

This 12-week unique healing and developmental music therapy program is designed to help children and youth to fulfill their set of needs in a joyful and creative non-performance setting in order to:

  • support and nourish children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development
  • develop and improve collaborative, communicative, and problem- solving skills
  • increase the positive energy level and concentration which can enhance academic performance
  • unleash natural creative abilities for the realization of their potential talent
  • increase self-esteem and self-confidence
  • acquire knowledge and mastery of self-expression
  • nurture child’s personal growth

During these weekly sessions, children explore their outer world and learn to communicate through the improvisation of dancing, singing, drawing, performing, listening and playing music. This, in turn, can bring them unforgettable moments of self-awareness.

Classical music has been found to be the most effective tool for enhancing learning abilities, strengthening the immune system, increasing cognitive abilities, communication skills and concentration. The most profound pieces of classical music for children are used in this program.

The positive outcome is that the child will have an inclination to expressing courage, love, gratitude, discipline & diligence, unity, responsibility, acceptance, altruism, harmony, trust, intuition and creativity.

There are two groups offered for different ages:

  1. Children 5-9 years old
  2. Youth 10-14 years old
  • Meditative Music Program for Youth: Reduce Anxiety & Stress
Meditative Music Program for Youth: Reduce Anxiety & Stress

“So in times of stress, let’s make it a practice to play (or to listen to) healing and harmonizing music, not only for our families but for our neighbourhood, our community, our planet.”Peggy Jenkins

This 8-week meditative music program is based on the best of classical music.

In a supportive musical environment, participants have an equal opportunity to experience the music in its entirety and express their feelings and experiences, as well as to learn how to use music for meditation, concentration, managing stress, anxiety and repressed anger, dealing with panic attacks, energizing and relaxation.

The lessons are followed by a reflective discussion. Weekly lessons consist of listening to music and learning to overcome the challenging feelings and obsessive thoughts evoked by the musical experience, and then reveal them through discussion. Participants become more skillful at applying the learned technique within any difficult situation in their life.

The program allows participants to:

  • manage stress & anxiety
  • enhance energy level
  • stimulate the immune system
  • prolong attention span
  • enhance right brain function
  • re-connect with their inner self to reveal their natural creative abilities

We accommodate two different age groups: 15-19 and 20-25 years old. This is a chance for your teens and young adults to nurture themselves and experience harmony and success within their community.

  • Music Therapy for All Ages and Needs
Music Therapy for All Ages and Needs

Humans have a basic need to feel loved and to experience inner peace and happiness.

We use a holistic approach in the nurturing model that regards the entire person including spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health.

Everyone can benefit from Music Therapy because it is a powerful and non-threatening medium which promotes wellness, manages stress, alleviates pain, enhances memory, improves communication, increases motivation, provides emotional support for clients and their families, all while providing an outlet for the expression of feelings.

The qualified music therapist provides the indicated treatment including playing instruments, singing, improvising, composing, moving to, and/or listening to music.

The list below includes some examples of medical conditions which benefit from music therapy at The Art of Life Community Health Centre:

  • Rehabilitation of Physical Trauma, Traumatic
  • Brain Injury
  • Stroke
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Mental Health
  • Pain Management
  • Visual & Hearing, Speech & Language Impairments

“Because everyone deserves to Love & to be Loved while achieving their highest potential”

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